Shell Completion Scripts

Shell completion scripts for Bash, Zsh, Fish, PowerShell, and Elvish are available in the completions directory. Please refer to your shell’s documentation for how to install them.

The just binary can also generate the same completion scripts at runtime, using the --completions command:

$ just --completions zsh > just.zsh

macOS Note: Recent versions of macOS use zsh as the default shell. If you use Homebrew to install just, it will automatically install the most recent copy of the zsh completion script in the Homebrew zsh directory, which the built-in version of zsh doesn’t know about by default. It’s best to use this copy of the script if possible, since it will be updated whenever you update just via Homebrew. Also, many other Homebrew packages use the same location for completion scripts, and the built-in zsh doesn’t know about those either. To take advantage of just completion in zsh in this scenario, you can set fpath to the Homebrew location before calling compinit. Note also that Oh My Zsh runs compinit by default. So your .zshrc file could look like this:

# Init Homebrew, which adds environment variables
eval "$(brew shellenv)"

fpath=($HOMEBREW_PREFIX/share/zsh/site-functions $fpath)

# Then choose one of these options:
# 1. If you're using Oh My Zsh, you can initialize it here
# source $ZSH/

# 2. Otherwise, run compinit yourself
# autoload -U compinit
# compinit