Include Directives

The !include directive, currently unstable, can be used to include the verbatim text of another file.

If you have the following justfile:

!include foo/bar.just

a: b
  @echo A

And the following text in foo/bar.just:

  @echo B

foo/bar.just will be included in justfile and recipe b will be defined:

$ just --unstable b
$ just --unstable a

The !include directive path can be absolute or relative to the location of the justfile containing it. !include directives must appear at the beginning of a line.

Justfiles are insensitive to order, so included files can reference variables and recipes defined after the !include directive.

!include directives are only processed before the first non-blank, non-comment line.

Included files can themselves contain !include directives, which are processed recursively.