Operating System Package Manager Package Command
Alpine Linux apk-tools just apk add just
Arch Linux pacman just pacman -S just
Debian 13 (unreleased) and Ubuntu 24.04 derivatives apt just apt install just
Debian and Ubuntu derivatives MPR just git clone
cd just
makedeb -si
Debian and Ubuntu derivatives Prebuilt-MPR just You must have the Prebuilt-MPR set up on your system in order to run this command.
apt install just
Fedora Linux DNF just dnf install just
FreeBSD pkg just pkg install just
Gentoo Linux Portage guru/dev-build/just eselect repository enable guru
emerge --sync guru
emerge dev-build/just
macOS MacPorts just port install just
Microsoft Windows Chocolatey just choco install just
Microsoft Windows Scoop just scoop install just
Microsoft Windows Windows Package Manager Casey/Just winget install --id Casey.Just --exact
NixOS Nix just nix-env -iA nixos.just
openSUSE Zypper just zypper in just
Solus eopkg just eopkg install just
Various asdf just asdf plugin add just
asdf install just <version>
Various Cargo just cargo install just
Various Conda just conda install -c conda-forge just
Various Homebrew just brew install just
Various Nix just nix-env -iA nixpkgs.just
Void Linux XBPS just xbps-install -S just

just package version table

rust:just package version table